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Curly Haircut

What Makes a Curly Haircut Different?

For many, the fact that they have curly hair is an obvious statement. But many others are surprised to learn that they don't simply have unruly straight hair, but rather curly hair that's been mistreated. As you begin to dive into the world of curly hair, you'll see a lot of people recommending a curly haircut.

How Is a Curly Haircut Different from a Straight Haircut?

A straight haircut is fairly simple and straightforward. Your stylist will likely wash your hair and cut it while wet, but it's becoming more common to cut hair while dry and then wash it. With a curly cut, things are a little different. You'll definitely have your hair cut while it is dry, and your stylist will take it one curl at a time.

The Deva Cut

The most well-known curly haircut is the DevaCut, named so after the curly hair care brand, DevaCurl. Stylists go through special training to learn how to cut curly hair and are then certified from levels 1 to 3. This cut focuses on each individual curl and what it needs, since one curl can often be different from the one next to it.

The Rezo Cut

A newer trend in curly haircuts is the Rezo Cut. This cut was invented by the curly hair influencer, salon owner, and stylist, Nubia Suarez. This cut focuses on keeping an even length throughout the hair so that if you straighten it, you won't have uneven sections like you might with a DevaCut. This makes it suitable for all hair textures.

Book Your Curly Haircut at Lumie Salon!

Whether you've just discovered that you're a curly girl (or guy!) or you've known it your whole life, book a curly haircut at Lumie Salon and see what a difference it makes to your style!

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