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The Curly Kind

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

We’ve all heard it before ( and have been guilty of ); If you had it curly, you wanted it straight

And if you had it straight, you wanted it…with lots of volume.

Well, fast-forward to a much more connected and self-accepting time and full-on curls are now everyone’s dream style. Never ( ok, maybe in the 70’s ) have big, natural, loud and proud hair been so celebrated and embraced. So much, it has grown into a major portion of the multi-billion dollar hair industry.

From specific haircuts and styles, to product lines and appliances, over the past few years we have seen more and more an increase in love for our very own natural hair and a constant influx of information educating the lucky curlies of all ages on how to get the most of the amazing locks we’ve been given. But don’t be fooled, on a professional level, just as much as on

a personal level, a lot of trial and error went into making sure we could get results right and, ultimately, find the best options for the most beautiful styles possible. Like pretty much everything in life, there isn’t a “perfect recipe’ of “one-size-fits-all” in regards to any type of hair. The first step into self-care is to look at oneself and work with what you’ve got and what suits your needs, your budget, your lifestyle, etc. However, just like our body needs a certain amount of fruit, veggies and vitamins to properly function, choosing the right ingredients to feed your locks is just as important and natural options should always be a staple in your hair care routine. Anything we lose, should be replenished, and knowing what your hair needs starts with knowing what kind of hair you have. The more mild type of curls would be the wavy hair, and nothing makes wavy hair

more beautiful than a voluminous bounce that almost has a rhythm as it moves with you. However, if you get it wrong, it gets flat and frizzy and sad. To avoid that, start by using a clarifying shampoo that will help clear your hair and scalp from the heavy residues weighing it down. As far as styling, less product and more technique goes a long way. Use a Texturizing Salt Spray to achieve the carefree tousled beach waves look, or try a Styling Foam for more defined waves that add body, longer hold and humidity protection. Simply apply the products and, with your head upside down, scrunch your hair into perfection.

The next level would be the defined, large curls. More reminiscent of an open spiral, what we want to avoid with these curls is the dryness, frizz and tangles they’re more prone to, so keep it in mind when giving it some hair-love. A sulfate-free shampoo is a must, as sulfates strip moisture. Also, have an old t-shirt or microfiber towel ready to dry your hair instead of your regular towel, remember you want to keep the moisture and allow it to dry more naturally. Reduce styling tools to a minimum. Put the brushes away, apply some heat-protectant spray and use a hair-dryer with a diffuser all over, but not for very long, just enough to give it shape.

Standing tall at the top of the curly dynasty, is the very tight and strong curl. Or at least that’s how they appear to be. Tight curls are very fragile, despite its coarse appearance, and require constant protection and hydration. Detangle in the shower, right after conditioning, using a large comb or your fingers. For an added step on keeping your locks hydrated, use a leave-in conditioner with keratin, that’ll protect and improve manageability. Styling with a diffuser is also an option here, but keep drying time to a minimum.

When it comes to curls, natural is beautiful, more than anything an appliance can accomplish, so allowing it to air-dry naturally is the way to go to get the most proud results.


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