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Hair Treatment Services at Lumie Salon

Not everyone is born with the beautiful hair they desire. In fact, most people aren't! That's why we're here at Lumie Salon. We're the hair experts of northern New Jersey and we want you to look and feel your best every day. That's why we offer several different hair treatment services in our salon. Here's a look at a few of them.

Chemical Straightening

Often called a keratin treatment, this is the way to go if you want straight, sleek, smooth hair every day without spending hours blow drying and straightening it, just to have to do it all over again after you wash it. This process applies a chemical solution to your hair in sections, then straightens them out. It can last for several weeks, and up to a few months if properly cared for.

Deep Conditioning

Over time, your hair will get dry and damaged. From heat styling to coloring services, from cold winter air to hot summer sun, your hair takes a beating. When it's feeling dry and brittle, ask for a deep conditioning treatment at your next service. This will apply a heavy conditioner after shampooing and let it sit for several minutes to really soak in and restore lusciousness.

Permanent Waves

Believe it or not, many people still get perms! Some want to add waves or curls to their texture. Some with curly hair want an easier way to maintain a frizz-free look. No matter your motivation, we can help you achieve the waves or curls of your dreams! Similar to a keratin treatment, this involves a chemical solution applied to the hair, then wrapped in curlers, and set with heat.

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